Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Painted Vinyl Siding

You sure can! But before you go to the store and pick up some paint, be sure to read the preparation/application tips and considerations below.

All vinyl siding will fade somewhat, and after 10 to 15 years, the change can be significant. When that happens, or if you simply want to change its color, vinyl can be painted.

Be sure to check with your siding manufacturer before you paint as many companies void their warranty if siding is painted.

To get started, wash the siding using a pressure washer or a scrub brush. Mix up a 5 gal bucket, containing 3 gals water, about 4 cups of bleach and a good amount of dish detergent.

If your siding is really dingy, you may wish use a professional cleaning product. TSP is a wonderful siding cleaner, but it will slightly glaze or etch windows. Never allow any bleach or any cleaner to dry on the surface. This is the biggest cause of paint adhesion failure. Rinse, rinse, and rinse some more.

When choosing a color, you should be aware that your color range is limited to those similar to the existing color. This is because dark colors absorb more heat than lighter ones and can cause the vinyl panels to expand and buckle.

Vinyl siding in good condition can be top coated right over. If it is really old or has a chalky surface, it’s best to use a general-purpose latex primer. For the top coat, choose a latex paint that is recommended for vinyl siding, such as Benjamin Moore Aura or Regal Select.