Different Types of Paint Finishes

Eggshell Paint

When purchasing paint, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of finishes that exist and/or confused by how they differ. 

Paint finishes typically vary based on light reflectance, durability and washability. Below is a list of paint finishes carried by most major U.S. paint brands.


Gloss Level: <15 on 60-degree gloss meter

Use: General use on walls and ceilings.

Comments: Hides surface imperfections. Stain removal can be difficult. Use for uniform, non-reflective appearance. Best suited for low-traffic areas. 


Gloss Level: <20 on 60-degree gloss meter

Use: Can be used in place of flat paints on wall surfaces, especially in halls, bathrooms and playrooms.

Comments: Resists stains better than flat paint and gives a more lustrous appearance.

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