Which Colors Help Sell Homes?

Selling Your Home

All Homeowners hope to sell their homes quickly, but recently, it has been a buyer’s market. Give your self a leg up from the competition by staging your home properly. To ensure you rope in buyers, make sure that the paint in your home is fresh and the colors are appealing to a wide audience.

Exterior Paint Colors 

Curb appeal can help capture buyers as they pass by your home. Ensure that your house catches their attention in a positive way by choosing the right exterior paint color.

In choosing a color, it’s best to take a look around the neighborhood to see if there are any color trends present. While you want to stand out, think of going for a similar color as your neighbors, but just one shade lighter or darker. Owning a green house amongst a sea of beige homes doesn’t draw the attention you or prospective homeowners seek.

A few other things to keep in mind when choosing an exterior paint color are as follows:

  • Take into consideration other existing colors and features on your home exterior (e.g., stonework, bricks, roof, fixtures, etc.)
  • Complement your landscape
  • Choose a color that’s right for your home style (e.g., some Victorian homes can take on color to bring out their numerous woodwork details, while most Colonial homes stick with a simple white pallete.)

Interior Paint Colors

While you may enjoy bold colors, such as deep reds and blues, not every prospective homebuyer will have the same taste. It’s often best to attempt to please the masses by choosing a neutral, warm paint scheme or a crisp and cool color pallete for the majority of the home’s main living area.

If you’d like to add a bit more interest to make your space memorable to buyers, consider adding it in the following rooms. 


Most wall space in kitchens is taken up by cabinetry, leaving very little area for wall paint. However, since most of a family’s time is spent in the kitchen, it’s necessary to give a bright and joyful look. Consider light greens, yellows, or beiges.


A bedroom is a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. You’ll want to convey this mood in the room’s paint color. Think about using relaxing colors such as earth tones, or cool grey colors.


Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with white to make the space seem larger. Often you can use subtle tones of greens, blues, and yellows to add interest without making the space feel closed-in.

Overall, the colors in your home should give buyers a sense of calmness and comfort. It’s generally a good idea to go with lighter shades of color so that homeowners won’t need to apply a primer or several coats of new paint to hide what’s existing.

How Often Should You Paint Your Home?


It really comes down to a matter of preference, but most homeowners typically repaint the majority of their homes every 7-15 years.

Today’s paints are designed to last a lifetime, so it should be many years, if not decades, before paint starts to peel. Cracking may occur as the house settles, but that is usually due to the structure shifting and not a poor paint job. If the paint was not applied properly (e.g., surface not prepared correctly), it may peel earlier, or this may indicate another major problem such as moisture in the walls.

You should likely re-paint when the house is looking dated, the walls are scuffed up or damaged beyond cleaning, or when you’re just plain tired of the color. Between 7 and 15 years is a reasonable expectation of time between re-painting.

The keys to a long-lasting paint job are good surface preparation and high quality paint. If you don’t wish to re-paint for quite some time, keep in mind that there are colors that seem to always be current (mainly “neutral” colors) and others that while may be trendy today, a decade from now someone will look at them and say “wow that is so 2010’s.”

Many people paint neutral colors before selling a home as it does look new, and some potential buyers can be negatively affected by strong colors they don’t like or that make a room look dark or small.

Before and After: Cottage Makeover

This week’s before and after comes from Sicora Home Design/Build in Minneapolis. This impressive construction firm transformed a tired 1.5 story home into something with a bit more curb appeal. See the full transformation here: sicora.com

Before and After

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