How to Much Paint Do You Need?

Paint Buckets

Homespree provides a great tool to help you determine how many gallons of paint you need to paint walls, ceiling, trim, siding, etc. 

However, it’s important that you know some basics about paint coverage to get a better sense of your project requirements.

An average gallon of paint will cover 350 square feet.  Use the steps below to calculate how many gallons of wall paint a typical interior project requires.

1)   Calculate total square feet of walls

  • You can determine the surface area using this formula [2xLxH] + [2xWxH] (L = length, W = width, H = height)

2)   Account for doors, windows and openings

  • Subtract the surface area of all doors and windows in the room
  • You can estimate each door’s surface area to be 30 square feet
  • You can estimate each window’s surface area to be 20 square feet

3)   Multiply by 2 if your project requires 2 coats

4)   Divide the surface area you calculated by 350 and round up to the nearest gallon

You can use these same concepts to determine how much paint you need for your ceilings, trim, doors, decks, fences, and other projects, 

It’s best to slightly over purchase paint. You will most likely need some extra to do touch-ups in the future.

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